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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Working with wsdl2r, soap4r and complex types

Ruby has great support for SOAP built in. Trivial calls at least. Look at this example:

require 'soap/rpc/driver'
stub ="http://localhost:8080",
stub.add_method('gimmeAString', 'a_string')
p stub.gimmeAString("huhu!")

Easy, isn't it? You just create a new Driver object by handing over the location of the web service and its namespace. After that you can add the method you want to call and invoke it. Thats it. At least at the "Example-Stage". I real life, you need to declare complex types and use basic authentication and stuff. How to do that?
With soap4r, the standard soap framework for ruby, comes a nice script called "wsdl2ruby.rb". Example:
./wsdl2ruby.rb --wsdl coolWSDLFile.wsdl --type client 

That generates the complex types and the whole driver class you need to access your web service. Well, in theory, as brendon wilson describes in his article (thats written a lot better than this one here :-)). Because wsdl2ruby (and the whole wsdl4r part of the soap4r framework) is still in alpha stage, you can't expect too much. In my case, it couldn't handle all the complex types, so i had to fix it manually. Its not too difficult. Once you've got a generated driver you can add all necessary complex types that are missing and use the driver like in the first example at the top of this article.

A complex type definition looks like this (taken from the soap4r documentation):

require 'soap/mapping'

SampleStructServiceNamespace = ''

class SampleStruct; include SOAP::Marshallable
attr_accessor :sampleArray
attr_accessor :date

def initialize
@sampleArray = SampleArray[ "cyclic", self ]
@date =

def wrap( rhs )
@sampleArray = SampleArray[ "wrap", rhs.dup ]
@date =

class SampleArray < Array; include SOAP::Marshallable

To use this struct, just use it as a type in the method-definition:
stub.add_method('anotherMethod', 'sampleStruct')

btw, soap4r comes bundled with lots of extremely helpfull examples for all kind of usages.

As of basic authentication, you need to install http-access2.

With an additional line of code,
<< ["ws_url", "username", "password"]

basic authentication is done. More Information on that at Chris McMahons Blog

The SOAP implementation in Ruby itself is great. It seems to be reliable and it is rubyish to code (i.e "easy"). The wsdl2ruby generator needs some more work (i tried a second wsdl file, but that too didn't work), but it helped me a lot to write a SOAP-driver for my specific web service.

Another nice tutorial is here.

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  • At 5:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I used wsdl2ruby to generate ruby coding out of a wsdl (--type server). Now I have to extend the coding in order to implement the functionalities of the service.
    However, I do not know where to extend the coding. There is a ... script and a ...Servant script. When is which of the both called? How do I get access to the data structure I send and how can I build the data structure? Can someone help me or knows a good website where this is explained?

    Would be very great!
    Thanks in advance!

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